GET each other through it

Over the past few months, our youth community has been working hard on their own campaign. This one is all about Corona and how it has affected our daily lives.

TROLL (Dutch: SLEUR) each other through it responds to current events and is a message from young people to young Amsterdammers. They call on each other to get out of the ‘corona rut’. To get out of your homogeneous bubble, to meet again and to look forward together. The young people give the grind they have been in since corona, with this a positive spin.

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The logo that was designed during this project

For the campaign, they designed a logo and house style together with artists, wrote a music track, recorded a video clip and devised a social media campaign. A presentation about the campaign has been set up in the education room of the museum. There is also a short making-of film showing the work process of the young people. In the coming months they will work together in this space to spread their message in the city.

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The campaign was developed by young people participating in the Voices of Tolerance educational project. In this project, which focuses on promoting an inclusive society, the museum provides a platform for students to speak out about themes such as tolerance, freedom and (religious) diversity.

The logo and corporate identity in development

This campaign was made possible in part thanks to the contribution of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Fonds 21, VSBfonds and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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