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Academy op Solder

The museum aims to create a twenty-first century learning environment; a place in which young people can express themselves and are taken seriously, conducting research and learning skills they can use in today’s society. The learning environment is located in the museum’s entrance building. Here we bring past and present together: the atmosphere in the historic house is centuries old and the entrance building is all about the present day. Here exhibitions and presentations examine the city, the neighbourhood and society today.

In the learning environment, the museum works with students and teachers from schools, colleges and universities. Interesting projects are co-created with various courses and departments which are expressed in exhibitions open for museum visitors to view.

Voices Community

Our Lord in the Attic Museum’s youth community, the Voices Community, works and thinks about activities in the museum. They initiate their own ideas, work year on year on their own major art productions and serve as ambassadors outside the museum.

These young people come mainly from the Voices of Tolerance secondary school programme and have volunteered to work more closely with the museum. They are following a personal development course for a maximum of two years in which they form opinions and formulate their ideas. Meanwhile, they discover their talents and develop the skills they need in today’s society. The programme helps them develop the confidence to take their place in modern society and to contribute to a more tolerant society.

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Alliances in the Attic

Together with (mbo) secondary schools we are developing a method in co-creation with (new) heritage partners, education, art and popular culture. So-called alliances designed to connect and achieve joint goals: principally to educate young people to live in a free, tolerant society. Each alliance involves the museum and a school course in a vocational department and a relevant partner from the art and culture world, a popular role model or an institution. The students are the focus of each alliance. We offer them a podium to express themselves outside the confines of their school course, a chance to work at a special place and to integrate the themes of our location in their vocational training.

Our goal is to find ways to make (religious) heritage relevant to popular (sub)cultures and expressions, and vice versa. Can we develop new insights into the significance of heritage and contemporary expressions by the new, young generation together? And what role can the museum play in training tomorrow’s professionals?

In 2021, we launched our first alliance together with ROC Amsterdam, on the theme of Fashion Design. For more information, or if you have an idea for an alliance Send an email to or call +31 (0)20 310 88 88 (available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm).

Fashion Students in Residence – Academie op Solder

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