Families and children


Families and children

There’s always something for families and children to do in Our Lord in the Attic Museum. Take a walk with Ladybird Kapoentje up the stairs and along the rooms. Do the Feast! audio tour and earn a Feast! certificate. Or celebrate your birthday with your friends in the seventeenth century!

Explore with Kapoentje!

Treasure hunt for children aged 5 to 10

With Kapoentje, Our Lord in the Attic Museum’s Ladybird, as their guide, children explore the seventeenth-century house, climbing its stairs and discovering the hidden attic. Following the ladybird trail and accompanied by a delightful booklet, they get to see all the rooms, the church and the kitchens. Cupboards marked with a ladybird can be opened allowing young visitors to find out about the various museum themes in fun ways. What is an altar, for example, and who was Mary? How does an organ work? How did people live in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century and what is confession?

Experience all this and much more on this family treasure hunt aimed at children aged 5 to 10.

Age group:

Children aged 5 to 10


Around 1 hour


The ladybird book is available free at the ticket desk

Feast! audio tour

Audio tour for children aged 10 to 12

Whatever the season, there’s always a holiday on the horizon at the museum! This audio tour introduces the background to many of our festivals, such as St Nicolas, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. These are all originally Christian festivals. In this audio tour we explore the background to these holidays. Where does St Nicolas come from and what do we celebrate at Pentecost? Which stories belong to that festival?

At various locations in the museum, children are told about the house with the church and about the current festivals (adapted according to the season). Sometimes they are asked a special holiday question with points for correct answers. At the end of the audio tour all the children receive a certificate with their score as a souvenir.

Age group:

Children aged 10 to 12


Around 1 hour


The audio tour is included in the ticket price

The audio tour is part of the Know what you’re celebrating! initiative by St Catharine’s Convent Museum, Utrecht together with Our Lord in the Attic Museum.

Party in the museum?

Fun for partygoers aged 6-14 years

Celebrate your birthday at Our Lord in the Attic Museum and travel back in time to the seventeenth century! Bring your friends and explore the old house with its labyrinth of corridors, stairs, rooms, bedsteads, kitchens and a genuine church in the attic…

What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? What toys did children play with long ago? And what did they look like?

When you’ve seen the whole house, you can start making things the way children used to make things in the seventeenth century. And of course, there’s something to eat and drink, because it’s a party!



Number of children:


Fun from:

age 6


2 hours

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020 310 88 88

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