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Our Lord in the Attic Museum

Hidden in the heart of the city centre of Amsterdam is a small wonder: Our Lord in the Attic Museum. Visitors will be going on a journey in a unique well-preserved canal house from the 17th century. Narrow corridors and stairs lead to historically decorated living quarters, kitchens and bedsteads, ending in what is literally the highlight of the museum: a complete church in the attic.

The attic church was commissioned by the wealthy Catholic merchant Jan Hartman and dedicated in 1663.
While Hartman and his family live in the canal house, a Protestant city government is in power. It is forbidden to practice the Catholic faith in public spaces. The former Catholic churches and monasteries are confiscated and are being used for Protestant worship. Catholics must seek alternatives and henceforth celebrate Mass in hidden house churches. This is tolerated by the city government because in the Republic of the Netherlands, the principle of freedom of conscience applies! Behind the front door everyone is allowed to think and believe whatever they want. This created a climate of tolerance exceptional for this time, in which different religious populations could live and work together in the city.

We advise our visitors to make an online booking before their visit so that they are assured of a ticket. It is also possible to buy a ticket directly in our museum. Besides regular tickets we have several discount options available, including Museumkaart (Dutch Museum Card).

View the current opening hours and see which holidays the museum is closed. This way you will not be faced with unnecessary surprises.

The museum is located in the heart of the old city centre of Amsterdam, hidden in a 17th century canal house. This could be the reason why it is maybe not so easy to find the museum. Here you will find our address, how to get there and other practical tips.

A visit to the 17th century canal house and the church in the attic involves climbing a lot of narrow stairs.
This makes the property not equally accessible for everyone.

Visitors to our carefully preserved and restored historical monument are requested to consider certain basic rules. Please note the terms and conditions before starting your visit.

The museum has a permanent collection, which is always on display, but in addition to this collection there are also temporary presentations or small exhibitions. Check the calendar for current programming, and for Attic Masses.

There’s always something to do for families and children in Our Lord in the Attic Museum. Take a walk with Ladybird Kapoentje up the stairs and along the rooms. Or do the Feast!audio tour !

Groups are very welcome in Our Lord in the Attic Museum. Your group can visit the museum using our free individual audio tours. You can also apply for a guided tour, led by a museum guide.

Our Lord in the Attic Museum manages to remain open to the subsidies and funds, donations, contributions of our Friends and ticket sales from our visitors.

The attic church of Our Lord in the Attic Museum is the most romantic place for your wedding in the city centre of Amsterdam.
We also have various areas suitable for receptions, lectures and meetings.

A historical house at an amazing location in the oldest part of Amsterdam with a unique story about living, working and practicing religion in the 17th century.

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