Museum visit


Museum visit

Visitors to our superbly preserved and restored historical monument are requested to observe certain basic rules. Please note the terms and conditions before starting your visit.

Visiting conditions

We have a set of rules to ensure that your visit to Our Lord in the Attic Museum is pleasant and safe:


You visit the museum at your own risk.

Footwear and walkingsticks

Stiletto heels and walkingsticks with a sharp point are not permitted due to possible damage to the original seventeenth-century floors.


Artworks may not be touched.

Loss or theft

Our Lord in the Attic Museum cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to private property.


Items that may cause risk to the safety of other visitors, staff, artworks or the buildings may not be brought into the museum.


Instructions of museum staff should be obeyed at all times.

Denial of entry

Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused entry to the museum.


Please show consideration for the other visitors; limit or avoid making disturbing sounds.


Photos may be taken without flash and videos may be filmed without additional lighting. In some temporary exhibitions certain items may not be photographed or filmed: where that applies this is indicated.

Food and/or drink in the museum

Given the delicate historical setting, food and drink may not be brought into the museum. Water bottles are likewise not permitted in the museum.


Please do not make phone calls in the museum.

Additional house rules for groups and schools


Only Our Lord in the Attic Museum’s own guides are authorised to give tours.


The class teacher or the group’s accompanying adult is responsible for the conduct of the visit and for the behaviour of the pupils and participants. For every twelve pupils or participants at least one accompanying adult should be present and remain with the group throughout the visit.


The teacher or supervisor should ensure that pupils and participants do not cause a nuisance or disturb other visitors, particularly not by making too much noise or running around the museum.

Meeting point

If the group is divided into small clusters, agree a time to conclude the visit and a place to meet.

Writing and drawing

If pupils or participants are assigned to answer questions on paper or to draw, use writing pads to rest on. These are available at the museum ticket desk. Don’t rest on the tables, showcases or walls to write or draw.

Touching artworks

The artworks may not be touched. Unfortunately, visitors and pupils often use a pen to point to a painting and sometimes they cause damage. Not everyone realises that museum objects are genuine and that many are unique.

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