About the organisation


About the organisation

Mission and Vision

Our Lord in the Attic Museum tells the story of tolerance in the city. Our Lord in the Attic was built in an atmosphere of religious tolerance which had grown on the foundations laid by William of Orange in the sixteenth century. Freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are tangible ideas in the museum: they are a major source of inspiration for our activities today.

Mission of Our Lord in the Attic Museum:
To preserve and maintain the cultural and religious heritage of Catholic Amsterdam since the seventeenth century through active management of the house on Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40 and in particular its attic church as well as its collection of art and applied art.

To provide a welcoming and inspiring place to meet, to inform visitors about the values that motivate the museum and to share experiences and knowledge with visitors.

The museum is continually engaged in developing new content for schools and visitors along these lines. Our goal is to present the story of the house and its hidden church, to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of age or background.

Job vacancies

Want to work at Our Lord in the Attic Museum? Check the current job vacancies.

Executive Director and Trustees

Our Lord in the Attic Museum is a foundation with an unremunerated board of trustees and an executive director. The foundation conducts its business in line with the Cultural Code of Governance. The annual financial report explains in more detail how the code is implemented.


Birgit Büchner (b. 1962) is a graduate of the University of Nijmegen. Before she began her career at Our Lord in the Attic Museum in 2008, she had worked in the business world and the film sector. In 2016, she served as interim director at the Bible Museum and was appointed director of Our Lord in the Attic Museum.

Birgit Büchner on Our Lord in the Attic Museum: “This is an enormously inspiring museum to work for. Together with our team, we focus both on the historical value of this remarkable Catholic heritage and on the contemporary significance of the house and the collection. We develop education programmes about tolerance and are continually looking to develop topical perspectives to encourage visitors to reflect. We pose challenging questions, such as: what does tolerance mean in our day-to-day life? What does this place say about Amsterdam? I also think it’s important to make every effort to promote cohesion in the city. Cooperation with social and cultural partners is an essential aspect. It gives our story, and Amsterdam’s, greater depth and more importance.”

Board of Trustees

The members of the board of trustees are:
Dhr. drs. F.W.J. (Eric) Holterhues, chair
Dhr. M.W. (Max) Meijer
Dhr. drs. D.J. (Diederik) Slot
Mw. mr. S. (Sevil) Karadag
Mw. drs. E. (Evita) Fiévez-Stoop

Annual reports

Check out previous annual reports of Our Lord in the Attic Museum.



22/04/2022 Parool – Zo kunnen blinden ook de trap op in Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder

09/05/2022 Sis vond TV een veel te oppervlakkig medium ‘Je kan nooit iets fatsoenlijk uitleggen’


RSIN/tax (identification) number: 002957553
Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 41197718
IBAN: NL63ABNA 052 755 83 70 ten name van St. Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder.

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